To glorify God through adoration and service, to love one another and to make disciples.


Worship: Worship is central to everything. Our purpose must be that we magnify God in all that we do in the power of His Spirit.

Fellowship: Fellowship with one another helps to create an environment of pastoral love and support. As members of the body we seek to be a caring community. For this purpose we have a clear position on membership of the local church (see section below).

Mission: Evangelism is the call to ‘Go into the world with the gospel’. Our mission is to reach into our local communities and the wider world with the message of God’s love.

Discipleship: It is our desire to see people won for Christ and growing on their journey as Christians. We want to teach and train people so that they grow in maturity in their faith.

Service: Service (or ministry) is essential if the church is going to fulfil its mandate. We want to help everyone find their place so that they can use their gifts, talents and resources to make a difference.


It is our desire to function as an autonomous, Bible-based, evangelical church that holds and displays the following values:

– Devoted to God
– Love for one another
– Concerned for the lost
– Welcoming to guests
– Accessible and involved in local communities
– Accountable to God and each other