Ladies Precept Studies

Who are we?
We are a group of Ladies who are committed to studying God’s word together, growing in knowledge and faith and cultivating hearts that are slowly becoming more like Christ. We believe that without intentionally getting to know God through His word it is impossible to live the life He calls us to, walking in intimacy with Him. Our group includes ladies of all ages and stages of life, from brand new Christians to those who have been on the road for decades. We come from a wide variety of churches and backgrounds with new ladies joining us regularly.

When do we meet?
We meet once a fortnight from September through to May (Mon evening or Wed morning). See below for current dates.

What is involved?
There are two types of study on offer.

1. Precept upon Precept. (Mon night & Wed morning)
These studies require a reasonable amount of preparation at home (although we encourage people to come even when they have not been able to prepare.) While they are in-depth studies, the materials guide you through each lesson and the discussion times provide an opportunity to clarify any questions. (Any participation is voluntary – there is no problem with coming along to simply listen to the discussion!)

2. 40 Minute Studies (Wed Morning)
These studies require very little preparation. They run in 6 week blocks, covering various books and themes and are ideal for those who are new to Precept or who find themselves in a season of life where preparation is more of a challenge!

Why join us?
If we are honest, having the discipline to study the Bible is hard. Studying together gives us the motivation to get started and the encouragement to keep going.

As a group, we have found that studying together has also helped us to get to know each other better, building friendships that are deep and lasting.
New friends are always welcome!
To find out more contact Rosemary Johnston (07868 590279 ) or Karin McIlwaine (07739 965527).