School Work

At the core of every society are family, school and church.  All too often these are seen as separate entities, rather than interlinking elements.  During his 8 years as Youth Pastor at Scrabo Glenn Johnston developed strong links with the local schools, so much so that in 2008 the church released him to focus on strengthening these links and developing further the sense of community between the family, schools and the church.  He has done this in a variety of ways: 

 - Regular School Assemblies
 - Scripture Unions
 - RE Lessons
 - After School Clubs
 - Hosting School Visits to the Church
 - Participating in Special School Services: Carol Services etc.

The Bible is so often perceived as a boring irrelevant book.  Glenn has tried to change that view by presenting It in a creative, interesting way, and has used a number of approaches to achieve this:   

Bible Explorer (BX) is an educational programme taught exclusively in schools to children in Key Stage 2 (P6+7).  There are a series of five one hour lessons covering the Old Testament.  The aim of BX is to teach children the storyline of the Bible - the big picture! 

Bible Explorer uses storytelling, drama, videos, multimedia and more to help the children connect with the stories of the Bible. 
The children are taught a set of keywords and hand-signs (See picture below) that help them remember the storyline (for example the Old Testament begins "Creation - Fall - Flood") 

Above all Bible Explorer is fun, it gets children excited about RE and helps them discover that the Bible isn't a boring, old, irrelevant book. 

Glenn has taught BX in the following schools over several years: 

Model Primary, Victoria Primary, Abbey Primary, Londonderry Primary and Castle Gardens Primary 

P7 Children from Model Primary School, Newtownards acting out the story of Abraham and reviewing the keywords and handsigns


The Life Exhibition

(Children from Victoria Primary School, Newtownards watching the introduction video and having juice in the Life Cafe at the end of the exhibition)

The Life Exhibition is a multimedia experience which focuses on the Life of Jesus.  Scrabo Hall have hosted this five times now, in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and in 2015.  All P5 and P6 pupils from the Local Primary Schools visited the exhibition, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. 
Outside of these special events, Glenn is in schools almost everyday of the week, and will be taking assemblies, Scripture Union, RE Lessons or an after schools club in the following schools during the next school year:


Model Primary
Abbey Primary
Victoria Primary
Castle Gardens Primary
West Winds Primary
Killard House
St. Finians
Londonderry Primary
Glencraig Integrated Primary
Longstone Special care school
Regent House Prep
Kilmaine Primary
Comber Primary
Ballyvester Primary
Andrews Memorial Primary
Regent House Grammar
Movilla High School
Strangford College
Donaghadee Primary
Ballywalter Primary

For more information please contact the Scrabo Office at 028 9182 7885 or email Glenn at

Castle Gardens Junior Choir