Rallies - EBR, EGR

In Scrabo Hall we are thoroughly convinced and committed of the importance of valuing and investing in the life of young people. Scrabo Hall offers a wide range of youth activities and programmes. Each week we are blessed to see approximately 200 young people through our door and we thank God for that.

We are part of a world-wide church-based organisation called “rallies”. Every Boys Rally (EBR) and Every Girls Rally (EGR) are based on Christian principles and seek to cater for the physical, emotional, educational, social and spiritual needs of its members. The word ‘every’ is important: our rallies are open to everyone irrespective of background, interests or ability.  A typical night will include several of the following activities: sports, team games, team challenges, crafts, badge work and outings.

Junior Girls= Tuesday Evenings 6.20-7.30pm (P3-P7)

Senior Girls=Tuesday Evenings 7.45-9:15pm (Year 8-14)


Junior Boys= Thursday Evenings 6:30-7:40pm (P3-P7)

Senior Boys= Thursday Evenings 7:45-9:15pm (Year 8-14

All of the above take place in the Sports Hall. A minibus is available to pick up in the Scrabo and Glen Estate.

Scrabo Camp 2016 

This year all the Rallies at Scrabo joined up and went away to The Royal School Of Armagh!

During the days everyone enjoyed it if it was from Water Sports or if it was holding snakes!

Here is The Camp's 2016 Highlights 


Arura is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “gathering at camp”. Arura is an initiative of Rallies NI, a church-based youth organisation with four main aims – the spiritual, physical, social and educational development of every young person. It is a week-long camp for young people from across Northern Ireland and further afield which provides an opportunity for young people to get together and enjoy a great holiday in a Christian atmosphere.

ARURA 2014 from Andrew Agnew on Vimeo.