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The Scrabo vision is to glorify God through adoration and service, to love one another and to make disciples.  Our mission is to reach into our local communities and the wider world with the message of God’s love. This helps to fulfil the Great Commission of Christ by making disciples in the nations (Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:7-8) through proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ (Romans 10:13-15).  We have a missionary team which deals with issues and support of individuals involved in mission.  The missionary strategy is available in full in the members section.
Patrizio and Jennifer Zucchetto
Commended in 2008 Gospel Literature Outreach (GLO) Elder/Preacher and ladies work Fuorigrotta Assembly, Naples, Italy
Trevor Alexander
Commended in 2009 Assemblies and schools work in Pakistan and Operation Mobilisation – UK base of work 
Paul and Cathy Wright
Commended in 2010 New Tribes Mission Tribal work Lumumbong, Palawan Island, Philippines
Andy and Ruth Hamilton
Commended in 2012, Echoes of Service, Siena Italy - language study (Ruth) and student/assembly work

Formal Partnerships
Salvation Church Zhordino, Belarus. Fuorigrotta Assembly, Naples, Italy. Habroon Assembly Lahor Pakistan. Noor ministries Okara Pakistan 
Home worker
George Scott Elder and Part time pastoral and outreach work Scrabo

Scrabo Hall members involved in Christian work 
Glenn Johnston - Schools work Newtownards and surrounding towns. Preaching and Teaching/ SU E3 project district chairman, and Billy Graham Emerging Evangelists Teaching 

Czech Team
At Scrabo we have a passionate for are youth!
In 2016 we decided to take 10 away to Czech Republic. 

During the 2 weeks we had the opportunity to work in what some researchers consider to be the most atheistic nation on earth that desperately needs the light of the Gospel. We had the opportunity to     start at Camp Immanuel situated in the heart of the Czech highlands in a place of outstanding natural beauty. 

We worked alongside the Hand of Hope project in delivering an orphan camp. Each afternoon we would have broken into smaller groups and host workshops in sport, music, arts, photography and video and other forms of creative expression.

Here are the highlights of the two weeks!

We have many informal partnerships through individuals at Scrabo which we encourage. 

*** most recent prayer letters can be viewed in the members section *** 

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